Eden 2017

Bored with Eden, Adam and Eve make a break for it. But their absence is noticed and God calls in his henchman.

The Hoopoe And The Owls 2017

Based on an old Iranian folktale. A man makes a devil’s bargain with some angry owls which saves his life but at what cost.

Reindeer Games 1996

Reindeer Games follows Alec Clark, a social outcast whose tortured past triggers a deadly game of bondage, action and suspense. In a sudden lapse of reason, he attacks a co-worker, Kate Regan, and ties her up in his basement. As she struggles to escape with her life, Alec begins a downward spiral towards a startling conclusion.

L'amitié noire 1946

"Black Friendship" - The commentary recalls that Radio Brazzaville was, from June 18, 1943, the contact of the French settlements and the metropolis, bush stations participate in the organization of the resistance.

Bottle Girl 2018

When Zoe's sister, Rachel, ends up dead from an apparent suicide, Zoe takes it upon herself to find out the truth. Through Rachel's diary Zoe is able to follow a trail to a world of nightclubs and the secrets they hold.

Umminithanka 1961

Umminithanka is a 1961 Indian Malayalam film, directed by G Viswanath and produced by PK Sathyapal. The film had musical score by V. Dakshinamoorthy

Boys Who Like Girls

Teenager Ved comes from a violent home in the Mumbai slums. When he joins a project aiming to foster healthy masculinity, he begins to realise there may be a brighter path for his future than the one paved by his abusive, controlling father. One of Ved's mentors is Harish, a gentle man in his 50s who has dedicated his life to abolishing toxic masculinity. Through the support Ved gets, he takes his first wobbly steps into adult life while developing an unlikely new passion: dancing. Boys Who Like Girls is a coming of age story set in the aftermath of the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape and the rise of the #MeToo movement. The world is in the midst of furious discussion about gendered violence and what it means to be a man. Will Ved's generation of boys be the first that actually likes girls?

The King is Mine 2016

An engaging saga of love and betrayal in the palace of a king.

The Story of a Bad Woman 1948

Lord Windermere appears to all - including to his young wife Margaret - as the perfect husband. But their happy marriage is placed at risk when Lord Windermere starts spending his afternoons with an adventuress who is working her way through London's high society, Mrs. Erlynne. Worse, Windermere gives her big sums of money. To crown it all he asks his wife to invite the detestable woman to her own birthday party. Upset and outraged, the puritan Lady Windermere decides to leave her husband and goes to Lord Robert Darlington, who has been courting her for some time. Unfortunately she leaves her fan - the one Robert offered her for her birthday - in Robert's house.

Ammayi Kosam

Ravi, Venkat, Balu and Venu, four unemployed graduates, waste their time in doing unconstructive things. However, their lives change when they meet Anjali, a photographer.

Fort Apache 2013

In 1940s America, a precocious young boy struggles to escape small town life. On the eve of his eleventh birthday he must choose between leaving home or following his brother down a path of violence and destruction in this coming of age story.

Bob the Builder: Scrambler to the Rescue 2007

Bob the Builder: Scrambler to the Rescue is a video starring Richard Briers, Lachele Carl, and Rupert Degas. Scrambler and Zoomer put their differences aside to help save the big winter party when a sudden snow storm hits Sunflower Valley.