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Shadow Hill

In the small, rural town of Shadow Hill, South Dakota, Malin Vorona lives a life of fear as day by day she awaits the inevitable. Though her long-time psychiatrist attempts to find the key to healing her of a life of horrendous abuse, Malin finds herself caught between what is real and what is uninvited imagination. The signs of imminent evil grow increasingly stronger, adding to her seemingly insane notion that something horrific will soon occur. Her worst fears and intuitions finally come true as her beloved younger sister Patty and her troubled boyfriend investigate a familiar local legend and mistakenly get in deeper than they ever could have imagined. Along with a group of eclectic locals, the young couple quickly finds themselves trapped on an abandoned rural property with a disturbing history. It is there that their lives are threatened by a powerful supernatural force that has returned solely to destroy Malin, her sister, and anyone in its path. With few options, the group ...


In the murky depths of Los Angeles' world-famous La Brea Tar Pits there lies an ancient secret - a creature that, awakened by underground construction, turns a night of somber packing for Barry Greenwood and his co-workers into a desperate fight for survival.

The Ghost Hunt

Five friends are haunted by an evil spirit while on a ghost hunting tour in Key West.

Abyzou: Taker of Children

Unable to give birth to a child of her own the demon Abyzou Tries to take possession of a young mother to be. Now Hailee must fight this ancient evil for her unborn child's soul.


The series follows Kou Ootori, an ordinary high school student who experiences a recurring nightmare of being eaten alive by a beast from within. However, when he meets Reiichi Kuki, an upperclassman who controls the school, the curtain of fate unravels.

Mad Couple

A pregnant and uneducated girl grows dangerously resentful when her best friend gets the opportunity to leave their small village and study medicine.

Satan's Church

Marcus Chlodwig is a young priest who has just been moved to a new church St Notburga that is set in this small, mysterious town where people are strange and silent. One evening, on the November 4th, he finds an curious old book in a church library about the Satan who lives inside this walls and who appears on the same night for over six decades now. Soon, Marcus finds himself trapped in St Notburga church and his only way to save himself is to stop the Satan.

The Bone Box

Depressed and reeling from the recent death of his wife, Tom has built up quite a gambling debt. He goes to stay with his wealthy Aunt Florence in hopes that she will write him into her will. When a nasty creditor makes it clear that Tom is out of time, he devises a plan with Elodie, the undertaker's daughter, to rob the graves of the rich townspeople buried in the cemetery across the road. After plundering the graves, Tom arrives back at Florence's house and events take a dark turn. Tom begins hearing and seeing strange things that seem to coincide with the deaths of the people he robbed. Even more disconcerting... he appears to be the only one sensing the occurrences. One question lingers: Is Tom's conscience playing a trick on him... or is he really being haunted by those he stole from?


Exploiting racial hatred, a group of thieves start robbing houses disguised as local gypsies.

Black Inferno

Dracula lures a woman into a cemetery. Sequel to 1956's Curse of Dracula.

A Fistful of Molars

Six-year-old Sarah is an entrepreneur in a lucrative industry — she pulls teeth for The Tooth Fairy.


With the age of Reality Shows, one in particular offers the chance of fame and fortune for twelve ex-reality TV Stars. But at what cost, is fifteen minutes of fame worth more than their lives?


A family moves into their new home, which proves to be evil, resulting in the possession of the teenage son by the ghost of the father.