Kanni Raasi 1985

Lakshmipathi is a carefree youth who searches a job. He comes to his sister Kasthuri's house, finds a job and fall for Dhanalakshmi, his sister's young daughter. Kasthuri decides to meet some astrologers and they say that if Lakshmipathi marries Dhanalakshmi, he will certainly die. Kasthuri evicts him from her house and Sivaraman, who is also in love with Dhanalakshmi, accommodates him without knowing his identity. Kasthuri convinces her daughter to forget him and later, Dhanalakshmi criticizes Lakshmipathi that he was not a well-educated. What transpires then forms the crux of the story.

Efraim Longstocking and the Cannibal Princess

In 1904 when 14-year old Efraim Longstocking's mother dies he is left homeless on the snowy streets of Old Town Stockholm. He receives a message in his dream from the young Cannibal Princess, Sindu, and soon finds out that he is destined to go on a fantastic journey where he gets the power to be the strongest man in the world. He fights with pirates, shipwrecks his boat on a Cannibal's island, finds a goldmine, fights for the Cannibal's tribes' survival with the slave trader, Madame Marry, and finally rescues the Cannibal Princess and becomes the King of the Island, Kuredu.

The Mistake 1986

Martin is a curious boy, but because of his personality, he often has misunderstandings with his parents, siblings, and teachers.

Rising To The Challenge 1987

Rock music. If there are abuses, what are they, and how serious can they be? Through the combined research of the Parents Music Resource Center and Teen Vision, the themes of aggressive rebellion, drug/alcohol abuse, explicit sex, the occult, and violence found in some of today's music are examined in this eye-opening video. 30 minutes of carefully documented evidence sure to change the way you and your children listen to music!


Two young girls are left on their own far from home while their mother tries to break ties with her abusive boyfriend. Sisters Kate and Audrey must learn to take care of themselves when their mother doesn't return.

R.V.S. 1977

Two friends are helping the wounded Red Army officer hiding from Whites.

Takapihan sankarit 1992

According to the story, the heroes of the backyard are "Impression from the moment when a child realizes that childhood is transient". The scriptwriters combined episodes in the film on Merima's two works and placed events in an unspecified town after the wars. Costumes and sculptures refer to the wooden houses of the 1940s and 1950s. The venues included Suomenlinna and the Ruiskumestari House in Helsinki Kruununhaa. The backyard heroes were filmed for 16mm film originally as a television movie , but also taken to theatrical release.