Brass Tacks Punk Documentary 1977

Brass Tacks was a current affairs programme shown on BBC2 between 1977 and 1988. On this episode called Punk Rock, broadcast on 3rd August 1977, it focuses on the Manchester Punk scene, bands and its iconic club, The Electric Circus.

Assembly at Dyke High 1986

A video of a live performance by the fabulous Dyketones. Great fun, humor, music, and costumes. Lesbian versions of some of the classic pop hits of the past. Poodle skirts and horn-rimmed glasses. Wishful fantasies about favorite female vocalists. Outrageous entertainment.

Joe Jackson: Rock Goes to College 1979

Joe Jackson Live at Hatfield Polytehchnic, UK. 29 November 1979. Introduction 1) SUNDAY PAPERS (00:26) 2) ONE MORE TIME (05:22) 3) FRIDAY (08:12) 4) IT’S DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS (12:25) 5) DON’T WANNA BE LIKE THAT (16:06) 6) HAPPY LOVING COUPLES (19:45) 7) I’M THE MAN (24:11) 8) GOT THE TIME (29:20) 9) IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM? (33:30) 10) COME ON (outro) (38:37)

The Kinks In Concert 1973

The Kinks perform songs from their Village Green Preservation Society and others. 00:00 -“Victoria” 02:54 -“Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues” 06:21 -“Dedicated Follower of Fashion” 08:16 -“Lola” 13:03 -“Holiday” 15:55 -“Good Golly Miss Molly”? 18:44 -“You Really Got Me” 20:43 -“All Day And All Of the Night” 22:05 -“Waterloo Sunset” 25:43 -“The Village Green Preservation Society”

It's All Right With Me 1990

Jim Jarmusch's film for Tom Waits' recording of Cole Porter's song, originally a segment of the long-form video "Red Hot and Blue."

Who Were the Ones? 1972

This short film was created by a group of Indigenous filmmakers at the NFB in 1972 and is essentially a song by Willie Dunn sung by Bob Charlie and illustrated by John Fadden: "Who were the ones who bid you welcome and took you by the hand, inviting you here by our campfires, as brothers we might stand?" The song expresses bitter memories of the past, of trust repaid by treachery, and of friendship debased by exploitation upon the arrival of European colonists.

Wild Side Story 1976

A parody stage musical show and underground happening. Recorded at Alexandra's, Stockholm, Sweden, in January 1976. First conceived and created in Miami Beach in 1972 by director Lars Jacob.

Prince: Montreux 2013 (Night 3)

When Prince comes to the Montreux Jazz Festival, all bets are off. On his third visit to the Swiss Riviera for the 47th edition of the event, he was given carte blanche over three consecutive, sold-out evenings and appeared determined to cover as many bases as possible. The third concert saw the European debut of his all-girl rock band 3rdeyegirl and Prince closing out his final Montreux appearance with an inspired sampler set.

Baghdasare bazhanvum e knojits 1977

The end of the 19th century. Constantinople. Having found out his wife's treachery, Baghdasar decides to divorce her. But that's not how it turned out! Instead, the hypocrisy and the mendacious people around Baghdasar make him leave the house.